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Why Increase Trust Flow?

The Best Tips to Improve Trust Flow

As the importance of PageRank diminishes, Trust Flow has taken its place and become the most important metric. The fact is that Google considers various metrics when ranking a website such as domain authority, bounce rate, website speed, and Trust Flow. Since it is difficult to monitor metrics, software has to be used to analyze links. Majestic and Moz have done a great job when it comes to developing software that provides valuable insights.

Page Rank used to be the only tool that measured the trust level of a website. It evaluated the page value and gave it a score out of 10. Advancements in technology have changed the change. Even though there are over 200 Google ranking factors, some ranking factors are more important than others such as Trust Flow. If you want to learn more about the metric and why it is important to increase improve your score, you have come to the right place.

What Is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is a metric that is designed to determine how trustworthy a link is in terms of the quality of backlinks that point to the website. The more trustworthy, authoritative backlinks a website has the greater its Trust Flow. It is common for websites to have a greater Citation Flow than Trust Flow. The reason behind this is that websites typically have a ton of backlinks, whereas, only a few of them are of high quality. Moreover, there will be low-quality backlinks no matter how careful you are when including backlinks as there will be some that will be automatically generated by directories.

If you want to see the value of your website, you will need to measure Trust Flow. It will provide you with a score out of 100. The higher the score the better the quality of the backlinks. The most credible sites “seed sites” are manually determined by Majestic and serve as a standard of quality. As Trust Flow is connected with other sites, the closer your website to the seed site the higher the score you can expect to get. A score of less than 10 is bad, whereas, a score greater than 50 is considered great.

Top Reasons to Increase Trust Flow

  1. Helps Improve Search Engine Performance

One of the main reasons why you need to increase Trust Flow is because it is directly connected with search engine performance. This means that if you increase your Trust Flow, it would also improve your search engine ranking. The metric contributes a lot to SEO promotion and provides you with an opportunity to receive high-quality links. It explains why digital marketers and SEO professionals focus on increasing their Trust Flow scores. It can help one improve search engine ranking and better target prospects.

  1. Increases Organic Traffic

Another reason to increase Trust Flow is that it helps increase organic traffic. There is a direct correlation between the Trust Flow score of a website and the amount of organic traffic it generates. By investing in improving your Trust Flow, you can expect to generate more organic traffic which makes it worthwhile. Since Google and other search engines cater to organic traffic, it is important that you improve your score to get noticed. You might not realize the difference an increase in Trust Flow can make. However, the results will make you realize just how important the SEO metric is.

  1. Cost-Effective

A notable reason to increase Trust Flow is that it is cost-effective. The amount of money you spend on improving your score will pay back in dividends. If you want to create the ultimate digital marketing strategy, you must create one that focuses on Trust Flow. It will help you improve your performance.

  1. Improves Online Presence

When you increase your Trust Flow, you will also get to improve your online presence. Since online presence is of immense importance, you cannot overlook Trust Flow. You will need to invest in Trust Flow to improve your online presence. Its effects are far-reaching. Therefore, you must develop a strategy that aims to increase Trust Flow. It is the only way you can expect to take your online presence to the next level. The fact is that the metric directly measures your online presence and by increasing its score, you can expect to enhance your online presence.

  1. Allows You to Build a Relationship with Influencers

In addition to the above, when you strive towards increasing your Trust Flow, you will end up establishing a relationship with influencers. The reason why this is important is that it will help you in the long run. The importance of building a relationship with influencers cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, you must develop a strategy to reach out to influencers and get them to link to your website.

  1. Protects Your Website from Constant Algorithm Updates

There are countless algorithm updates that you need to keep up with. By increasing your Trust Flow score, you get to protect your website from constant algorithm updates. The reason behind this is that search engines will not decrease your rank when they trust your website. Therefore, focusing on the metric and increasing your score will help improve your SEO game by enhancing the number of authoritative links your website has.

  1. Helps You Stand Out

Lastly, increasing Trust Flow helps you stand out. You might not understand the role the metric plays now. However, you will realize with time that improving your score will allow you to compete with major players. Standing out in the crowd should be on the top of your mind. Hence, it is important that you increase your Trust Flow score. It will ensure that your target audience notices your website and will be more likely to make a purchase from you. Besides, measuring Trust Flow will enable you to analyze your competition and find out new keywords. You would also be able to find new linking opportunities and identify toxic backlinks which will only prove beneficial.

How Can You Measure Your Trust Flow Score?

Measuring your Trust Flow score is extremely easy. All you have to do is visit Majestic SEO and enter your website address. Then, you must select fresh index and hit search. It will generate the backlink profile of the URL. You can even install the Majestic SEO extension for Firefox or Chrome for easily looking up the metric. It is a good idea to check and compare the metric of multiple websites to determine where you stand. The metric will help you identify top influencers in your niche, perform link quality analysis, prevent irrelevant link building, and ensure that you create great content.

Top Tips to Increase Your Trust Flow Score

The following tips will help you improve your Trust Flow score.

  1. Contact Influencers

One of the best tips that will increase your Trust Flow is reaching out to influencers in your niche. Find online consultants, celebrities, bloggers, and other content leaders to send a request for a backlink. Focus on your main keywords when searching for the top bloggers. Do not forget to verify their Trust Flow score before putting in any effort.

  1. Get Seed Sites to Publish Your Guest Posts

Another tip that will boost your Trust Flow is getting seed sites to publish your guest posts. Always go with those seed sites that have the highest score and ones that link to others through guest posts. Since seed sites have the highest score, you can count on them to help you improve your score. Take advantage of their trust and let it flow to your website.

  1. Link to Internal Pages

Beginners need to start by linking to internal pages. Create content and include relevant links to other internal pages on your website. It will help boost your Trust Flow score with minimal investment. Since you might already have plenty of amazing content on your website, you can create an internal linking strategy to boost your score.

  1. Audit the Backlinks on Your Website

The next tip that you need to follow is auditing the backlinks on your website. You can use a tool like Monitor Backlinks to help you out. It will identify toxic links so that you can get rid of them and boost your Trust Flow score. The truth is that you need to regularly audit the backlinks on your website regardless of whether you want to improve the metric or not. Backlinks play a huge role in how visitors perceive your website. If there are any toxic backlinks on your website, they would have a negative impact on how your website is perceived by visitors.

  1. Create High-Quality Content

At the end of the day, the importance of high-quality content cannot be stressed enough. This is why you need to write and publish amazing content about your niche to gain traction. Create articles, reviews, interviews, posts, and more.


After you have finished reading the post, you will know why you need to increase Trust Flow. It is important that you develop a strategy that focuses on improving your score as the benefits of a high Trust Flow score outweigh the costs. You will find the metric to be a great indicator for determining search engine success.

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