Majestic Trust Flow

How to Check Your Majestic Trust Flow

How to Check Your Majestic Trust Flow

How to Check Your Majestic Trust Flow?

Not every link is equal. Links from quality websites are more valuable than ones from a poor website. A quality website is one that is made by humans who truly care about their target audience and provide content just for them. On the other hand, a poor site is one that is made by robots by scraping through quality content to make money. Since it is easy to include links that harm your website, it is crucial that you ensure that the links you use are of the highest quality. Otherwise, your website could get penalized by Google. This is where Majestic Trust Flow comes into place. It analyzes links to help you determine if they originate from a trustworthy website or not.

Gone are the days when PageRank was the most important metric. Today, Majestic Trust Flow has taken over and is a metric that you cannot afford to ignore. The metric helps ensure that guest posting is not abused. The reason behind this is that digital marketers had over-used guest posting as a strategy for improving their SEO ranking. Thousands or even millions of websites had been set up for guest posting which helped website owners generate monetary income.

Google is watching carefully to ensure that link building does not get abused. It does this by targeting lower quality websites and reducing their rankings. If you are worried about your ranking and want to ensure a good Trust Flow score, you have come to the right place. This post aims to help you learn how to check your Majestic Trust Flow score so that you can make important decisions that affect your website.

What Is Majestic Trust Flow?

Before we take a close look at how you can check your Majestic Trust Flow, it is important that you understand what it is. Majestic Trust Flow is a metric that examines just how reliable a website is by measuring the quality of its backlink profile. Only if the links pointing to your website are qualitative and authentic can you expect an increase in Trust Flow. Achieving a high Trust Flow is a lot harder than getting a good Citation Flow for the reason that Citation Flow will always remain high as your website would include links that are irrelevant.

What you need to keep in mind is that Trust Flow and organic traffic have a direct relationship. If a website has a high Trust Flow, it would mean that it has plenty of qualitative backlinks which allow it to achieve a high ranking on Google. The basic concept behind the metric is quality. Majestic Trust Flow simply determines how your website is ranked. Therefore, you must ensure that the links that point to your website are of good quality and authoritative.

How Can You Use Majestic Trust Flow?

In order to check the Majestic Trust Flow of your website, all you have to do is visit the official Majestic website and enter your website address or blog link. Then, you need to check under the “Summary” section to find your Trust Flow. For in-depth details about your website, you can even upgrade your plan. As the metric has been invented by Majestic itself, it is not necessary for you to use any external website to determine your score. Besides, you can access the basic features for free. There are many things that you can do with the help of Majestic Trust Flow which this post will cover.

How Does Majestic Compute Trust Flow?

To measure your Trust Flow, Majestic has an algorithm that measures the quality of your backlink profile. Seed sites are used as a reference for determining how trustworthy your website is. The closer your backlink profile to seed sites the greater the score you can expect to achieve. The seeds sites are manually selected by Majestic across 800 categories, from entertainment to fitness.

Some of the websites that have a perfect Trust Flow score include Facebook, BBC, Bloomberg, and Yahoo. Unlike Citation Flow which scores your website based on the number of links that point to it, Trust Flow simply measures the quality of the overall backlinks. This is why you have to put in more effort to achieve high quality. Therefore, the score is used to determine how trustworthy your website is. It explains why Citation Flow is considered to be link juice, whereas, Trust Flow covers the trustworthiness of a site.

Importance of Trust Ratio

When checking your Majestic Trust Flow score, you also need to check your Trust Ratio. It is calculated by diving your Trust Flow by Citation Flow. The reason why Trust Ratio is important is that it allows you to find out if your Citation Flow is very high in comparison to your Trust Flow.

A high Trust Ratio would indicate that your website has a lot of link equity but does not gain much trust from those links which would indicate that the links are spam. Thus, you would be able to focus on increasing your efforts in order to obtain quality backlinks to decrease your Trust Ratio. It will help you establish your website as trustworthy online.

Besides, if your Citation Flow is very high when compared to your Trust Flow, it would mean that our website could suffer from a penalty in the near future. Therefore, you would be able to take the right measures to eliminate the possibility of a penalty. The reason why Citation Flow must be monitored is that it can be easily manipulated. It is due to this reason that you should only get links from websites that have been created by humans.

Robot sites tend to link to human sites. But, human sites must avoid linking to robot sites. At the heart of Trust Flow, it is important for a website to receive a link from a human site. It is best that you find seed sites or those that have a high Trust Flow score and get them to link to your website to boost your score. The fact is that Trust Flow and Citation Flow tend to work together. The two go hand in hand as they provide valuable insights.

Why Majestic Trust Flow Is Important?

As Google is unlikely to update PageRank in the future, Majestic Trust Flow is possibly the most reliable metric for determining search engine success. If you are still wondering whether to use Trust Flow or not, you need to consider the following.

Competitor Analysis

Majestic Trust Flow can be used for performing competitor analysis. You can use the SEO metric is check your competitors’ link profiles to determine if they are making progress or not. In fact, you can use detailed analysis for finding out their strategy. There is a lot that you can expect to uncover. You can even find which websites are worth acquiring. Make sure to only analyze competitors that have topically relevant links. It is easy to conduct competitors analysis when you follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Export SERP results.
  • Copy the URLs to the Excel file.
  • Head over to Majestic Tools and scroll to Link Map Tools.
  • Select Bulk Backlinks and paste the links after which you must click on Download Data.
  • Remove unnecessary data and create a filter to sort the data based on the topic. Make sure to delete irrelevant rows.
  • You will need to sort the data by Trust Flow to begin your link analysis of each site.
  • Perform the above steps for each competitor.

Link Audits

Trust Flow allows you to identify toxic links. This is why you must perform a link audit. Since the last thing you want is to face a penalty, it is important that you regularly perform link audits to find irrelevant Topical TF links and low TF links. Start the audit with topically irrelevant links before you check links that have no or low Trust Flow. Then, you can schedule the bad links for removal.

Link Prospecting

Find potential link opportunities with the help of Trust Flow. It will enable you to find expired domains, forums, resource lists, directories, and relevant guest posts. You can simply toss the websites into Bulk Backlinks for determining guest post opportunities. It will provide you with a list of relevant link opportunities that will help boost your ranking.

Find Influencers

In addition to guest posting opportunities and overall link prospecting, you can turn to Majestic Trust Flow to find influencers. Since influencers tend to have a high trust flow and an influence over their audience, you can use the tool to find influencers and dedicate your efforts towards developing a relationship with them. It could help your website stand out on the internet.


Checking your Majestic Trust Flow is integral to online success. If you are trying to improve your search engine ranking, you cannot overlook this tool as it can help take your website to the next level. As we have covered how to check your Majestic Trust Flow, you can start using the tool now.

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